Sunday, June 18, 2017

Letter #62

We have tried very hard to not oiter this week.

We met Tondalaya’s dog this week. Tondalaya adopted a rescue dog. She’s a little rat terrier named Memol. She is 12 years old. We took her a doggy treat and toy. We had a little lesson on the importance of the Sacrament. We have been wondering how to handle the fact that Tondalaya walked out during the Sacrament and then they were bending over backwards to make sure she had the opportunity to receive it. It was a little embarrassing. We decided to have a little lesson about it. She understood immediately. I don’t know how her lessons went in California but she knows so little. She wants to learn though. We were talking about the Temple and she asked if there was one in Reno. (She knew there was one in Oakland, CA) We took her and Memol for a ride to see the Temple. Tondalaya also went with me to the Relief Society BBQ. She enjoyed visiting with the other ladies. This week we are taking her to the LDS employment center. She is trying to make changes in her life. She broke it off with the boyfriend in prison. She said she wants a new start. She enjoyed going to church today. We have been asked to start the Temple Preparation class next week and aren’t sure if she will come with us or not. She loves going to Sunday School the most. We will see.

The rest of our week was fairly typical. We are knocking doors but don’t find anyone home. That is the problem with summer, the weather is nice but people aren’t home. I’m trying to think of something new and exciting that happened but it wasn’t that kind of week. The cows did come down for the Rodeo and we have to avoid that part of town. We have déjà vu, all over again.

We had never been to Walker Lake so we took a drive there on Saturday. Good thing I took a picture, we don’t need to go back to Walker Lake. It is home of the Hawthorne Army Depot, the “World’s Largest Depot”. It covers 147,000 acres. There are old (I’m assuming) shells and artillery decorating the town. It is not a pretty town. That was our big adventure.

The count for new missionaries coming in August is up to 25! We are getting to teach on Sundays now. We were asked to help with a Sharing Time in July. I think we have some fun things to look forward to! We have having a senior couples’ activity this Saturday in Chester, CA. I don’t know what is planned. There’s a beautiful lake up there.

We have our first wildfire of the season in Reno. I think there will be many, the grass is plentiful, and all turning brown.

That is all of our news! The Gospel’s true and we love you!

Elder and Sister Hardman

p.s. Hugs to all of our wonderful “Fathers”, our dads and our grandchildren’s dads. We are so very
grateful for you and love you so much!

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